Greeting from the JCB Chairman

Greeting from the JCB Chairman

Gary Tang Kok Lian


Dear JAGAM members and partners,

Hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits.

We have come so far since Covid-19 pandemic erupted to wreak havoc globally in 2020. 2 years on, from 1st April 2022 onward, Malaysia will be moving into the endemic phase where almost all economic and social restrictions will be lifted. I foresee there will be even more JAGAM activities which will allow us to meet and work together closely, especially related to activities celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Look East Policy in 2022 with the full backing of the Embassy of Japan.

Last year JAGAM’s constitution was amended to elevate our JAGAM advisors Mr Goh Peng Ooi and Mr Lim Peng Jin to become lifetime Honourary Patrons. Given their immense contributions to JAGAM and stature as industry titan, I am glad they had agreed to this lifetime appointment to continue to serve and ensure JAGAM remains on the right track to meet all its objectives.

Last year was an election year for all JAGAM branches, I am pleased to introduce 2 new chairman from JSB, Mr John Leong Thiat Eng and JNB, Mr Shaun Chiam Khai Seong who were elected to lead their respective branches. I sincerely thank immediate past JSB chairman Dato Dr Siow Kuang Ling and JNB Chairman, Mr Tham Kok Thong for their immense contribution by laying a strong foundation and leaving the legacy of excellence so that current leadership can build on the successes they had achieved.

I am excited to explore the new opportunities with the new leaders ahead, especially when April is also the month of change in Japan such as a new school term and university graduates will officially enter the workforce. In education, JAGAM will be busy processing scholarship applications, conducting interviews and finally to award scholarships to deserving students.

For your information, the scholarships opportunities we secured are the labour of JAGAM’s hard work over the years where we planted the seeds by building good relationships with the universities, colleges and language schools through our JAGAM Japan Education Fair and from the tireless promotion of Japan as the destination of choice for higher education among students.

Today, JAGAM has reached far and wide beyond the border of Malaysia with the JAGAM Japan Branch catering to the needs of our student members and connecting members who reside and work in Japan. Our strong connection with all ASCOJA Chapters opens the door of opportunity to ASEAN which is undergoing rapid digital transformations in all fields. We have built an excellent support community to connect with education institutions and businesses in ASEAN and Japan.

Education remains the main focus of JAGAM. Our strong ties with the Japan Embassy, JASSO and Japanese tertiary institutions allow us to disseminate the latest information about education and scholarship opportunities to students. As alumni, we have experienced 1st hand the high quality and unparalleled learnings from universities in Japan to elevate us to become respected professionals in our field, therefore, we also want to offer the same opportunities to the current and future generation of students and guide them towards the path of success.I am excited to announce a series of scholarship opportunities throughout the year.

1. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute- SNG JAGAM Scholarship
2. Akamonkai Japanese Language Institute- Akamonkai JAGAM Scholarship
3. University of Tokyo Peak Program – JAGAM Supplementary Scholarship
4. Asia University ASEAN Scholarship
5. Nanzan University JAGAM Scholarship Program
6. Nippon Designers School JAGAM Scholarships

More information is available in the link below.

Whether a student is in the science stream or art stream, JAGAM strives to provide equal opportunities to all. Our alumni have many success stories to share, and we recognise that everyone can contribute in their own ways regardless of whether you are an engineer or a visual designer or an entrepreneur. Japanese education will give you an edge to come out on top in this globalised world where everyone is competing on skills.

I encourage all members to complement JAGAM’s efforts by sharing our educational activities to students. You are the shining examples of how Japanese education can bring you success in life. I also welcome all collaboration ideas from our partners, JAGAM needs you and the students need you too. We have a pool of talents ready to forge a win-win partnership and further the interests of the people from both countries.

On the front of entrepreneurship, we have interesting collaborations with the prefectural government of Hokodate to promote their goods in Malaysia. Last year was also the 1st time ever JAGAM members were allowed to join JACTIM as associate members. This opportunity would allow JAGAM members to tap into new markets catering to Japanese businesses in Malaysia.

Our JAGAM e-Connect App which was successfully launched in 2021 . Merchandisers can run advertisements to market their businesses on mobile and online platforms. JAL is offering attractive discounts on flight tickets to JAGAM members on the APP, so be sure to download the App to enjoy this promotion. With the support of the members, the App will continue to grow and more promotions can be offered. So, we encourage everyone to download the App and provide feedback to us for further enhancement.

Dear members, JAGAM exco are all volunteers, with a growing number of activities planned ahead, we need your contributions in all forms, if your passion lies in advancing education, entrepreneurship or if you enjoy organizing events, we can certainly use your help.

Finally, last year we bade farewell to HE OKA Hiroshi who had since moved on to become Ambassador of Japan to Egypt. We give our warmest welcome to the new Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia, HE TAKAHASHI Katsuhiko. JAGAM pledged our fullest cooperation and support to ensure a stronger than ever friendship for the benefits of people from both countries.

Let me hear your thoughts too, if you have an idea, I say, let’s make it happen!

Yours Sincerely,
Gary Tang
JAGAM President 2021-2023
JCB Chairman 2021-2023

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