Routine Activities

JAGAM's Routine Activities

Reunion of former students in Japan from the Southeast Asian countries
JAGAM members will be given a chance to “revisit” Japan to participate in the “Former Student Reunion Program” (Tsudoi) to refresh one’s memory and experience, changes happened in Japan after the lapse of several years. This programme is organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. Last year programme was held in October. In view thereof, it is very likely to be held again in October this year. The qualifications that entitle you to apply for this Reunion Programme are as below :

aged 30-50
have returned to Malaysia more than 5 years
have never participated this programme before
those who never visited Japan ever since their graduation from the university shall be given the priority

If you fulfill these criteria and are keen to apply, please complete the attached form and submit to JAGAM Secretariat of the branch you belong to.

Other criteria which would enable you to be successful in your application for this programme are :
involvement and contribution to JAGAM’s activities
active committee members and delegates will be given priority

Enclosed herewith also the list of JAGAM members who have ever participated in this program.

Junior Exchange Programme
Besides providing opportunity for JAGAM’s members to visit Japan, there are also several Junior Exchange Programmes available for member’s children to visit Japan or other ASCOJA countries. These programmes are namely ASCOJA Junior Exchange Programme, ASJA International Junior Program and WING Fukuoka Homestay Programme.

All of these programmes are aiming for cultural exchange at the Junior group and to promote goodwill and understanding amongst Asean and Japan.
Activities during these programme might differ every year. Generally they are inclusive of :
attending a Japanese Junior High School
homestay with local family
cultural exchange programmes such as games, interaction, sight seeing, visit to factories, etc.

All ASCOJA Chapters countries will take turn to host ASCOJA Junior Exchange Programme. Last exchange programme was hosted by PHILFEJA in year 2000. In the said programme, the parents will pay for the air fares and the host family as well as JAGAM will take care of food, lodging and welcome reception. For this year programme, we are still unsure of which country will be the host. If you are interested to sign up for your child, please fill up the application form attached and submit to your Branch Secretariat. We will notify you once we receive any information.

ASJA International Junior Programme is usually held in November of December. This programme is organised by ASJA International to enable the children of JAGAM members to have an opportunity to visit Japan and/or Asian regions for a duration of 1-2 weeks. ASJA will pay all traveling expenses and living expenses for the duration of stay. For the said programme, an attendant / care-taker will be invited by ASJA to accompany the children.

WING of Fukuoka organises homestay programme in December. Unlike the ASJA Junior programme, the duration for this programme is one week only. JAGAM and the participants’ parents will pay for the returned air ticket whereas the organiser and the host family to take care of foods and lodging in Japan.

JAGAM also become the host for this programme where the Japanese children from Fukuoka will come and stay in our members’ home. Last August, JAGAM hosted it in Penang whereas in this August 2002, students from Fukuoka will be coming to Kuala Lumpur for a Homestay Program. Families who are interested to offer their home as host families for this programme can contact JAGAM Secretariat (Central Branch).

JAGAM members’ children with the following qualifications may be considered as participants in the above Junior Exchange Programmes :
1) Aged between 13-15 years
2) Able to speak and write English
3) Able to speak some Japanese greeting words
4) Willing and keen to learn about Japanese customs, history and manner
5) Willing to prepare and perform some cultural songs / dances during the programm


Attendant in ASJA Junior Programme
JAGAM members who possess the below qualities are encouraged to apply as an attendant in ASJA Junior Program :

a) able to take care of children
b) multi-task oriented
c) able to arrange / prepare cultural programmes, Malaysian songs,speeches, etc.
d) well spoken in English and Japanese
e) Priority will be given to those who are teacher by profession.

The attendant will accompany the students to Japan and stay in a family arranged by ASJA International. He / She is responsible to take care of the needs of the students and to be the translator whenever is necessary.

Those interested to apply, please fill up the attached form and submit to your Branch Secretariat.

Jagam Golf Tournament
JAGAM will organise yearly golf tournament among branches. Previously, it was held in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. This year tournament will be in Penang. Prizes will be given to winner(s) / outstanding player(s). A lunch / dinner will be hosted for prize presentation. Those interested to participate, please contact your Branch Secretariat for further details.
Japan Education Fair
For the benefit of the public and students who intends to further study in Japan, JAGAM organises annual Japan Education Fair. The fair will provide opportunity to students in particular and the public at large to equine the education system and qualification required before going to Japan and other information related to Japanese Education.

JAGAM will hold Education Fair on June 26-27 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur. As it will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Central Branch will take charge to organise it. In this fair, JAGAM will also recruit a number of members as interpreters. For Central Branch members who are interested to be interpreters during the fair, please contact Central Branch Secretariat.

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Japan Fastival in Malaysia 2002 (July - Oct)
In line with JAGAM’s aims and objectives, i.e. to promote cultural exchange amongst the general public in Malaysia, JAGAM will organise a few events in conjunction of Japan Festival in Malaysia :
(1) Japanese Song Singing Contest – A preliminary contest will be held in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bharu. The successful contestants will enter final in Johor Bahru in September 2002.

(2) Ikebana Contest and Japan Graduates’ Art Exhibition will be held together. In view of this, JAGAM will encourage members who are interested in Ikebana to participate in the said contest. Besides, JAGAM will need to recruit artist to display their artwork at the exhibition.

(3) Japanese Film Festival will be held by Northern Branch and Southern Branch in Penang and Johor Bharu respectively.

(4) Bon Odori as usual will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru.

(5) Japan Nite was used to be organise by JAGAM every year. This year it will be organised by Japanese related alumnis while JAGAM will be one of the active supporting organisers.

In organising these events, your support in participating, attending and/or assisting is highly appreciated.


Activities amongst members
Besides golf tournament, other activities such as scheduled talks, seminars and conferences; tea ceremony (Cha No Yu), cooking competition, health care talks, trips/outing, festival celebration etc. will be organised occasionally to promote, encourage and foster civic, social and cultural activities amongst members of the Association. You will receive newsletter to keep you inform about these activities once the details are confirmed and finalised.


Others activities
Sometimes we may receive information of certain activities with a very short notice. we will try our best to keep you inform of all activities going on. You are most welcomed to suggest any activities which reflects JAGAM’s aims and objectives.


JAGAM is also one of the Alumni Chapters of Asean Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA). Other Chapters are Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore (JUGAS), Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA), Old Japan Students’ Association, Thailand (OJSA) and Perhimpunan Alumni Dari Jepang (PERSADA). An ASCOJA Conference will be held biannually. In the said conference, local dignitary, hotel personality and representatives from Japan, and special envoy from Embassy of Japan, and officers of that country will be invited to mingle with the Former Japan Graduates. The host for the conference will be by rotation among the Alumni Chapters. Last year’s conference was organised by Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA) in Manila on July 17-22, 2001. JAGAM will host the next ASCOJA conference in 2003. It is a good opportunity to interact with Japan Graduates from Asean Region.


Objectives of ASCOJA
1) To serve as a center for a continuing exchange of information and experience among the member-association on all matters of common concern.

2) To undertake worthwhile projects designed to foster closer ties among the member-association for the improvement of their common cultural and material interests.

3) To co-ordinate the various projects and activities of the different member-association in order to ensure their successful implementation.

4) To establish working relationship among existing business, professional, social and civic organisations in the member-countries and in other countries for mutual advantages.

5) To strive toward the promotion of friendship and prosperity in ASEAN in close cooperation with other countries an among the member-associations as regional neighbours.

6) To foster closer study of cultures that promote an Asian orientation in the education of ASEAN youth.


ASCOJA Governors (2001~2003)
Secretary General
Mr. Tan Choon Leng (JAGAM)
Mr. Goh Nge Seung (JAGAM)
Mr. Chatchai Khumsap (OJSAT)
Mr. Sidharta Martoredjo (PERSADA)
Dr. Virgilio de Los Santos (PHILFEJA)
Mr. Freddie Ang Soo Mui (JUGAS)


ASCOJA Conference (1977-2001)
No. of
ASCOJA Conference
Year Host Chapter/Country
Singapore (JUGAS)
Jakarta, Indonesia (PERSADA)
Manila, Philippines (PHILFEJA)
Bangkok, Thailand (OJSAT)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (JAGAM)
Singapore (JUGAS)
Jakarta, Indonesia (PERSADA)
Manila, Philippines (PHILFEJA)
Bangkok, Thailand (OJSAT)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (JAGAM) >> more photo
Singapore (JUGAS)
Jakarta, Indonesia (PERSADA)
Bangkok, Thailand (OJSAT)
Manila, Philippines (PHILFEJA)
Malaysia (JAGAM)


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ASCOJA Conference in Kuala Lumpur
ASJA (Asia Japan Alumni) International was established on April 1, 2000 based on the resolve of Directors’ Board Meeting which was held on March 24, 2000 in Tokyo. ASJA International is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and non-sectarian organization.


The purpose and activities of ASJA International
(1) Purpose
a. to promote mutual understanding and solidarity networks between and among Japan Alumni in countries in the Asia-Pacific region through the effective implementation of various programs for enhancing cultural and scientific exchange and international friendship.b. to encourage former students who have studied in Japan to co-operate with the ASCOJA and other organizations for cultural and scientific exchange in pursuing project.

(2) Activities
a. to grant scholarships and fellowships to study and promote cultural and scientific exchange;b. to organize or support symposia and seminars for the purpose of cultural and scientific exchanges;

c. to conduct surveys and studies to examine the actual state of education and training provided to foreign students in various countries of the region to develop the improvement programs thereof;

d. to foster and assist organizations of former students who have studied in Japan and intend to promote cultural and scientific exchange;

e. to plan and implement exchange of professionals and experts as a means of promoting cultural and scientific exchange;
f. to publish and disseminate bulletins, public relations materials, results of relevant studies, etc.;

g. to co-operate with the United Nations (U.N.), the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the other relevant international bodies in the implementation of their projects;

h.   to co-operate on the projects and activities organized by ASCOJA


Membership and Administration of ASJA International
The Board of Directors is ASJA International’s governing body, which is composed of seven members. One representative nominated and appointed by each of five ASCOJA chapters, and two representatives from Japan. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors are held at least twice a year to discuss the annual project program, the annual budget, the project report and the financial report. The expenses of ASJA International’s activities are contributed from the Japanese Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Structure of the ASJA Board of Directors (2001~2003)
Status Name Affiliation
(time of the appointment in each country)
Dr. Mongkol Tanjapatkul
Mr. Sidharta Martoredjo
Mr. Takashi Tajima
Mr. Yoneo Ishii
Mr. Tan Choon Leng
Dr. Leocadio de Asis
Mr. Freddie Ang Soo Mui
President, OJSAT
Vice President, PERSADA
Secretary General, APO Japan
President, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan
President, JAGAM
Founding President, PHILFEJA
Governor, JUGAS


In line with its purposes, ASJA International implements
the below programmes regularly :
1) to offer scholarship for post graduate studies to one person from each member country
2) Junior Programme which invites junior high school students and 1 attendant from five ASCOJA member countries to Japan about 2 weeks to learn Japanese culture through attending Japanese junior high school classes and homestay programme.


Contact information fo ASJA
ASJA International Secretariat :-
C/O The International Students Institute
3-22-7m Kitashinjyuku,
Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0074 Japan
Tel : 81-3-5338-1285
Fax : 81-3-5338-1286
E-mail : asja@viola.ocn.ne.jp

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