EJU Cautions Regarding the Examination

EJU Cautions Regarding the Examination

1. Things to Bring on the Examination Day
   Make sure to bring the following items.
   Examination Voucher
  Writing Implements (HB pencils and a plastic eraser)
  Identification with photo (This will be necessary, for example, when you forget your examination voucher.)
  Lunch (As it is held on a Sunday, restaurants and shops near the examination venue may be closed.)
  Watch (without memory, translation or calculation functions)
2. Points to Note about the Examination Room
1) Find the seat with the same number as your examination registration number and place your voucher on the desk. You cannot take the examination at a seat with a number different from your examination registration number.
2) Eating or drinking is not allowed during the examination. Do not place food or drink on your desk.
3) Do not bring mobile phones, pocket bells, watches with alarms, and so forth, to the examination venue.
3. Answering Method
  The answering method is mark-sheet. Make sure to use an HB pencil to blacken the number for the answer. You cannot use a ball-point pen, pen or mechanical pencil. Numbers that are blackened too lightly will not be marked.

Examination scores are calculated by totaling the points for all correct answers. No points are subtracted for incorrect answers.

4. Improper Behavior
If you behave in the following ways, it will be regarded as improper behavior. and all of your answer will not be graded.
1) It is discovered during the examination that you have brought a mobile phone or a pocket bell into the venue.
2) You ask somebody else to sit the examination for you.
3) You give answers to other examinees or receive answers from other examinees during the examination. Or you cheat (looking at reference book, crib sheet or answer sheet of other examinee).
4) You write answers on an answer sheet which is not yours, or you exchange your question booklet or answer sheet with another examinee in the examination venue.
5) You copy questions or answers during the examination.
6) You use the memo paper prepared by yourself.
7) You leave the examination room without the permission of the examination staff during the examination.
8) You do something which causes problems for other examinees.
9) You do not obey the instructions of the examination staff.
10) You open the question booklet before the staff say, “Please start.”
11) You don’t stop writing on the answer sheet when the staff say, “Please stop.”
12) You walk out of the examination venue after the examination is over but before the staff have collected and checked the answer sheets.
13) You take the question booklet or answer sheets home after the examination is over.
14) The examination staff decide that you behaved improperly in some other way.
5. Your Name and Examination Registration Number on the Answer Sheet
  Your name (in Roman alphabet) and examination registration number will be pre-printed on your answer sheet that will be provided on the examination day. When you are given the answer sheet, first of all, check that the name and examination registration number on the answer sheet are the same as the ones on your examination voucher.

If the name and examination registration number on the answer sheet are obviously not yours, notify the examination staff immediately.

If you write answers on an answer sheet which is not yours or if you correct the name and examination registration number by yourself without notifying the staff and then write in the answers, your examination will not be graded.

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